Kelly Pedersen Art

Gallery - Animals

Colored Pencil Commission
This is a commission of two dogs that I did for a friend's daughter.  They are a very special part of her family!  This was done in colored pencil which can be commissioned at a lesser cost than an Oil Painting.

Best Friends
This oil painting is a tribute to my rescue pig, Kirby.  He grew bigger than he was supposed to, so the people that had him as a house pet could no longer keep him.  He was very smart and knew how to get into their refrigerator, even with locks on it!  He is now a fat and happy pig at our small farm in Stewartstown.

Mother and Baby Shelties
This is the 5th in my series of "Mother and Baby" animals.  This is my Shetland Sheepdog named Hattie.  Even though she has never been a mother she looked like these puppies when we first brought her home.  This painting has a special place in my heart since we have always owned Shelties.  I love them for their keen intelligence and their gentle and sweet nature.  

Mother and Baby Leopard
This is the forth in my series of "Mother and Baby Animals."  Even though the mother leopard is a large and stealthy hunter, she nurtures and protects her babies.  Baby leopards are born extremely vulnerable and rely on the mother for protection and food.

Mother and Baby Dachshund
This painting is a tribute to our rescue dachshund, Penny.  We rescued her from a Puppy Mill where she probably had a lot of adorable puppies like this one.  Now, we are thankful that she has a loving family and she can run free at our home.  

Mother and Baby Giraffe
The is the second in a series of "Mother and Baby Animals."  The mother and baby giraffes also share a special bond with each other.  I have admired them for being the tallest of all the mammals with their grace and beauty.

Mother and Baby Elephant
This is one of my first in a series of "Mother and Baby" Animals.  One of my favorite animals has always been the elephants.  They are one of the most inintelligent species of animals on Earth. They also form strong family bonds that last a lifetime.  The Mom is very devoted to her babies and they stay together for many, many years.  Since I also treasure strong family bonds, I have always admired them.

Testimony from Client: Ryan Casey
One of the coolest gifts I have ever been given!!! Thank you so much Kelly Pedersen for your incredible thoughtfulness, your talent, and your attention to detail! It looks just like him!

Cola from Enola
This is my daughter's rescue chiweenie! She was a gift for her birthday and it was also her first year being married. The cottage they lived in is behind Cola.

Original photo used for painting.

Mother and Baby
The mother cat had to have an emergency c-section and lost all her babies except for this one. They had a very special relationship since it was only the two of them.

Out of Africa (Antelope)
This antelope was painted from Nixon Park Museum in PA and is a native of Africa.