Kelly Pedersen Art
Artist’s Statement

When I create a portrait, I want to go beyond painting the literal “likeness” in order to capture the essence of my subject. I want to include and highlight their special qualities, which I can do by getting to know them personally, or by hearing about their special characteristics from their family. I feel that once I understand the story of the child or animal I am painting, I am then able to paint their true identity. Children, in particular, look at the world with a sense of awe and wonder and I find myself slowing down to appreciate their perspective of wonder and joy.

In all of my works, from portraits to landscapes, I spend hours translating an emotion into the painting. Sometimes I am touched by the lighting, colors or shapes in the composition. I try to convey these with oil paints, as in the Old Masters Style, because of the rich colors that sustain and can preserve artworks throughout the years.

I find myself gravitating toward painting portraits of young children and pets because they still embody an innocent view of the world. They love you unconditionally and it is my goal to portray that endearing quality. When people look at my paintings and say they feel something about them, then I know that the reason I had the desire to pick up the paint brush and create an emotion from deep inside, was a success.