Kelly Pedersen Art
Pet Portrait Prices & Details

PRICES For Oil Paintings (Frames Included) :
-  8” x 10"  $500.00
-  9” x 12”    $550.00
- 11” x 14”   $600.00
- 16” x 20"   $850.00
 - 18” x 24"   $1000.00
- 24” X 30"  $1200.00
- 36" x 48"  $1500.00  

Prices For Pencil Drawings (Frames Included) : Same sizes at half the price:

Example 8" x 10" $250.00

Shipping to be estimated Pricing varies for additional animals in portrait. Other sizes upon request.

How it Works - Photo to Painting
Photos are very important in the process.
I need good quality, clear photos to work from, preferably taken with a digital camera. I work from one main photo of your pet for the main pose and can use others for details and backgrounds. For multiple subjects pets don't have to be in the same photo.  You can email as many good photos as you can that are in focus. It is highly recommended that you have good lighting and try to capture your pet’s true personality. The better the quality of the photograph, the better the finished painting will be!

Four Easy TipsTips on how to take a great photo of your pet:
1. Get as close to your pet as possible.
2. Kneel or sit down and take the picture at their eye level. Raise your pet on a table if necessary. The eyes are the soul to your pet so get them to look at you by calling their name, waving a treat, or whatever works with you.  When taking the photo imagine how the pose might look once it is framed and hanging on the wall.
3. Outdoor lighting is best. The sun should be at your back - please do not shoot into the sun. If you take indoor photos, get near a well-lit window or in a room with plenty of natural light streaming in. Don't use a flash as this causes washed-out photos.
4. The most important thing when photographing any animal is to make sure they are comfortable with the situation. All pets are different and perhaps different approaches are needed for each animal. For instance cats are often uncooperative and so allowing the photography task over a period of a few days can help. Taking things one step at a time often helps your pet to relax. You might also like to ask a relative or friend to help, particularly if you are taking a photo of a dog, someone with a biscuit or treat to keep the dog’s attention while you take the photos, can be very helpful.
*It is often helpful for me to see some detailed shots of your pets. Try to use the zoom function on your camera so that it doesn't distort the image.