Kelly Pedersen Art
Finding Love on Summer Hill - Book

Finding Love on Summer Hill tells the story of how Candy the rescue dog was adopted by a little girl named Sarah. The young dog struggles to adapt to her new home full of love and safety until an older dog teaches her what it means to be kind, faithful, loyal, loving, and forgiving. Proving that it is never too late for love and second chances, Finding Love on Summer Hill is a heartwarming tale of the friendship between children and their dogs.
Finding Love on Summer Hill is a book that demonstrates emotional awareness. It explains how actions have an impact on others, and that being loved will chase away fear. These important messages are delivered in a way that is both accessible and entertaining.
Pedersen takes inspiration from her personal life to make a story that is relatable for children everywhere. While Candy sometimes misbehaves, her friends and family never abandon her. The personal growth that Candy experiences in the book makes her an ideal model for children. With its beautiful illustrations and themes of acceptance, Finding Love on Summer Hill will inspire children to overcome their fears and be more kind and loving to those around them.
Official Release Date: September 27th, 2016

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